You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.


What I Do

No matter where you or your business is on your Digital Marketing journey, I will step in and help you identify your goals, focus your digital marketing efforts and provide tips and tricks of the Digital Marketing trade.

I will give it to you straight and work with you and your team to develop strategies that are in line with your business goals to develop an ongoing lasting relationship

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CEO of Insideman Media, Inside Trading Co and Myinsider. Innovator and family man.
Launched over 250 website and small biz



Carlo Harris, CEO – LS24 colab

This is a true legend in digital media & social solutions that yields stand-out results! We achieved global top 5 rankings often. Brian oozes inspirational, fascinating & in-demand content! What a transformational global leader.

Zach George, MD – Startup Bootcamp

Brian managed the entire social media platform for all ventures that were part of the Barclays Tech Lab Africa program that I ran from July 2015 to December 2015. He did an outstanding job and his grasp of digital media and strategy is second to no one that I can think of in South Africa!

Andre Prins, Founder – Pindex

Working with Brian has been insightful, rewarding and generally phenomenal. He’s keen eye for quality in all things related to social media makes him and his team at Insideman Media the perfect partner to any requirements you may have. I will continue to not only endorse Brian wherever I go.

My book

What it takes – a success handbook

To be successful you need to be honest, not just with the world but yourself. This book is based on a truthful but humble climb from the gutter to the boardroom

That it takes is a handbook that covers a series of lessons, designed to help you avoid the hidden pitfalls and learn some life hacks to getting ahead and figuring out ‘What it takes’ to be successful

Marketer based in cape town

Brian Mawdsley