Brian Mawdsley (LION)

Open networker looking to connect with business owners.
At my core I want to help and enlighten. I have been able to achieve this in a professional capacity through working in sales, I often found myself having to educate people on the value of product or service and ultimately help them get the benefit from that product or service. Fortunately, this strategy led to me generating over R 15 million / $ 1 Million in revenue for the various orginisations that I worked with.

I have been told I am a great teacher and the world of Digital Media has afforded me the opportunity to explore this. Firstly, through the sharing of knowledge on social media to become a person of value to my community but more importantly to be in a position to create awareness of great products and services that my (InsideMan Media) clients have to offer. There by meeting both my goals of helping my clients and my community through enlightenment.

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