Digital Warfare

Sun Tzu Art of War for a Digital Age

Why I am writing this book

The Art of War has become 'required reading' for almost all who are in business, from your sales professionals to senior executives. The strategies have been adopted and many successful entrepreneurs and leaders of industry talk about the value that can be found in this book. I too have taken many a lesson from it.
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With all the value that the 'Art of War' can offer, along with my experience I wanted to merge the two and see how these principles can be adapted for a digital context.
Chapters include:
Laying Plans - Getting started
Waging War - Engagement
Attack by Stratagem - Optimization of effort
Tactical dispositions - Enhancing digital skills
Energy - Use of time
Weak Points and Strong - Digital SWOT analysis
Maneuvering - Implementation
Variation in Tactics - Guerilla marketing
The Army on the March - Moving with the times
Terrain - Knowing the lay of the Digital Landscape
The Nine Situations - Adapting
The Attack by Fire - Digital risk management
The Use of Spies - Research tools and techniques

Why I wrote this

I simply made more mistakes, said stupid things and acted before thinking than I care to recall. I woke up to this only in my late 20's and realised I had could have been so much closer to my life goals had I known, what it really takes. This is What it Takes - A Success handbook So here are the top 10 focus areas that will, if internalized, absorbed and put into practice; fundamentally change your life, for the better.
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Learn: How to grow and develop as an entrepreneur, business person and as a human being..
What It Takes provides life tips, tricks, and techniques that can be applied in everyday life.
Each of the 10 chapters offers insight, personal stories and strategies for life


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