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  • At my core I want to help and enlighten.

    I have been able to achieve this in a professional capacity through working in sales, I often found myself having to educate people on the value of product or service and ultimately help them get the benefit from that product or service.

    Fortunately, this strategy led to me generating over R 15 million / $ 1 Million in revenue for the various orginisations that I worked with.

    More recently have I gone a step further and created a learning platform that offers an opportunity for people to get access to e-learning.
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My Blogs

  • We’ve all experienced a piece of writing that leaves us with goosebumps and inspires us. Until recently, I had forgotten which blog posts had done that too me. The most inspiring blog posts all have one thing in common: they evoke emotion.

    The most shared blog posts make us see the world differently. They’re vulnerable, they highlight the role of courage, and they’re relatable no matter what culture you come from. We all get stuck in the hamster wheel of life and forget to take time out to rebuild our mindset.

    These blog posts below will help you to find inspiration in every situation. They’ll provide the sort of wisdom that a Buddhist monk will give you.



  • Digital Warfare – Sun Tzu Art of War for a Digital Age - by Brian Mawdsley

  • Talking Social Media – A-Z - by Brian Mawdsley

  • What it takes – Success handbook for Entrepreneurs - by Brian Mawdsley

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